Important Changes, Ornament Mailing, Donations

It seems the time has come to make some changes to the group I have resisted for some time. I was hoping the attendance would improve with the change to virtual meetings. I thought it might be easier for people to attend that way and that maybe the pandemic would be a positive thing for the group. Unfortunately, no one has attended since the 2020 memorial service. It seems the need for direct meetings no longer exists. I still hesitate to eliminate the possibility completely, however. At my husband’s suggestion, I am offering the option of meetings on an as needed basis instead. If you are discovering or have been directed to this page because of a recent loss, or are a current member looking for a meeting, please contact me and I will set something up at an agreed upon time, either virtually or in person at a safe location. I am still willing to talk to you if you just need a real-life listening ear, and if you would like an in person meeting, I will try to gather some members with similar losses to help. Please, if you are a current member who would be willing to be called upon in such cases, let me know so I can keep a running list of people willing to be contacted. I’m not sure if anyone is likely to take me up on this offer, but I want to assure anyone who needs it that I am here if you need me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. My contact information remains: Angela West,, 814-774-7064. Please call, email, or message via the private Facebook group, and I will be in touch.

I will be sending out the annual holiday ornament in the coming days, so please let me know if you are a new member who would like to be added to the mailing list or an existing member whose address has changed if you have not already done so. Those who responded to my recent Facebook group post have been added/updated. If you have ideas or suggestions for future ornaments, please let me know. I had intended for this year’s to be a crocheted ornament, but the pattern I chose is more time-consuming than I thought, so maybe next year! I hope everyone likes the alternative.

Thank you so much to those who donated stamps for this year’s mailing: Jacqueline Fournier, Heather Zimmerman, and an anonymous donor who sent me a roll of stamps. I guess it was a good idea to post about Empty Arms in lieu of a Facebook fundraiser for my birthday. It was much appreciated! In case anyone is wondering why the ornaments won’t have holiday stamps this year, this is the reason. Direct stamp donations are always welcome and can be sent to me at 10160 Loomis Lane, Lake City, PA 16423. I intend to continue the ornament mailing as long as I’m capable!

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