Donation & Memorial Service

Donation received in memory of Joshua A. Buffalari given by Grandma and Grandpa
Buffaleri. Thank you for your generous donations.

A reminder that donations can be mailed to:
Carol Cacchione, 117 West 34th Street, Erie, PA 16508.
Without your donations, we would be unable to continue with the Mother’s Day Flower Project and our yearly holiday ornament mailing, as well as providing goodies for the annual Memorial Service. Empty Arms is generally a low-fund operation, but our coffers for these few funds-required elements are getting low, so please keep us in mind!

I’d also like to remind everyone that this is OUR blog. I’d love to post thoughts from some of our other members. If you would like to share your own writings, be it a poem, advice for others on surviving loss, your personal stories of loss, or thoughts on difficult milestones, feel free to send them to me at

Our annual Memorial Service is coming up in October, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Month. It will be held on the second Tuesday, October 11th, as usual, but the venue has changed. Due to Carol’s retirement, we no longer have a direct contact at St. Vincent’s, so the service will be held at Liberty Family Practice instead of in the chapel. If you would like to write something for the service, or have a reading you would like to share, or would just like to speak in memory of your baby, please let me or Rose know, so we can plan the service. I will have extra readings on hand if you’d like to participate but don’t have anything in mind. We would also ask that you bring photos or mementos of your baby to share if you would like. We will have a candle ‘lighting’ ceremony (electric candles), music, flowers, and, of course, snacks. Anyone who would like to bring a snack to share is encouraged to do so!

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